Innovadores de América

A culture of innovation already exists in our Latin America, but it is not enough to promote social and economic growth at a large scale. Our region continues to be left in the wake of others’ around the world who have made innovation their primary means of growth.”

Despite this hurdle and some skepticism, Innovadores de América (Innovators of America) continues to award, promote, and spread the work of Latin Americans who, through innovation, find alternative ways to change and create a positive impact on our population. We want to inspire the youngest members of our communities to take risks and leave their mark on society. We are looking for the next icons and legends.

As time goes by we learn that “the only thing that is truly permanent is change.” Latin America, just like the rest of the planet, feeds off of these new currents of innovative thought, creating environments that encourage entrepreneurship and producing solutions from the region for the world. We have promoted important innovations in the fields of science and technology, education, business, environmental sustainibility, and social growth.

For more than 7 years, Innovadores de América has reviewed thousands of outstanding applicants. We have seen the work of a growing number of Latin Americans who take advantage of scientific and technological developments to generate new ideas in different fields of knowledge and production.

In meeting our goal to popularize innovation, we have counted on the support of countless media outlets who take into account the role that they play in instigating societal change. Moreover, this goal is viable thanks to the support of our benefactors, especially CAF, the development bank of Latin America, who, from the beginning, saw the need to bring to life a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. We aim to promote public policy in order to motivate this sector to work in tandem with academia and private enterprise towards a single objective: to create the future that we dream about.

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