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Letter to a Friend

Dear friend:

I hope that by the time you read these lines you are feeling renewed and ready to move forward with the determination and commitment you’ve undertaken in your life.

With this surprise message, I want to be a part of the chorus of infinite affections that surround you and mention that you are a unique and wonderful being that attracts a lot of love and positivity. As you may know, throughout your career and in your life, you’ve touched hundreds of lives; including mine. And that can only be achieved when we are in control of our egos. You are an example of moderation, intelligence, ability, analysis, logic, sweetness, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, discipline, ethics, curiosity, and good taste.

We have the obligation of being happy and leaving a mark. Something you’ve accomplished with outstanding grace. One can simply enjoy the genuine smile, joy, or hug in every greeting from any of your students or parents when they run into you somewhere. And that’s priceless.

Your legacy of friendship and sisterhood is immense in my life. You have no idea how much I appreciate the moments we’ve shared together.

It is so gratifying to enjoy those moments with you as a family; those instants in front of nature, those recycled memories; those experiences that make you grow as a person or those stories that make you laugh out loud.

I am very thankful to you for pausing your daily activities to accompany my mom or wait for me at the airport or take Zuni to her medical appointments, shopping, or simply help her make a decision.

It is so beautiful to feel your warmth and learn from you during conversations with my children who always want to sleep at their Aunt’s house. THANK YOU so much for the hospitality you offer them.

You are one of those unique friends in all aspects. Like an angel which the universe has assigned me to become a better person; to guide me during this uncertain and somewhat disappointing path; but nonetheless exciting and worth living to the fullest.

That’s why, I want you to receive this message as another ray of strength for your spirit; because I would like to be another impetus for a life with more certainty, with fewer worries, with more peace and tranquility. A life at a pace that will allow you to take each step one at a time, to dance, and to have control. I would like to give you the courage so that you can administer the power of saying “no” when necessary; or open the door and welcome all of those opportunities, moments, and things which make you feel good; but above all, welcome the people you love and want nearby.

Thank you for letting me be part of your life and sharing so much greatness and wisdom.

I hope I have the sufficient time to respond with the infinite blessings you have always offered me.

I love you very much.

A. Patricia Janiot