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The Parachute Jump (part 3)

Once María Liliana Laserna and Camilo Fidel Pinzón Gómez were formally arrested, the District Attorney investigators went to examine the place where the ranch workers had mentioned that the couple had supposedly conducted a “dangerous radioactive experiment” in 2016.

During the inspection, they found bone remains that are currently being analyzed by forensic scientists to compare them with DNA information and verify whether or not they come from the scortched body of Jesseca Helene Jaramillo, Liliana’s daughter. Once this has been confirmed, the investigators will have a piece of evidence that will help them determine that the young girl was, in fact, incinerated at the hacienda “Las Juntas de Achury Boitiva.”

Among the various statements given by the people who worked at the place, neighbors, family members, and friends of Liliana one, in particular, stands out in which, allegedly, Camilo Fidel was the only one allowed to bathe the girl and “they would spend several hours bathing together.”

They also told that, a few years back, one of Liliana’s neighbors had contacted one of the family members to inform them that Jesseca Helene had been checked in the health center in Sesquilé. According to her statement, the neighbor suspected that the girl had been a victim of rape.

The witness statements establish that Jesseca Helene was living with her mother and mother’s boyfriend until 2012. During that year, the minor moved in with one of Camilo Fidel’s family members in the town of Mosquera. That’s when, according to the DA’s investigation, Camilo Fidel designs a well-orquestrated plan to economically exploit Liliana and take over her wealth.

Following the “secret experiment” with STEM cells that Jessea Helene had supposedly been participating in, Camilo had begun obtaining important sums of money from Liliana to pay for, what she thought was, her daughter’s expensive treatment.

According to Liliana, the experiment was taking place in a “secret institute” led by a German scientist that was conducting experiments on autistic children that were permanently admitted to the place.

The agents have information about payments of up to USD$10,000 for the girl’s care and for every stage of the aforementioned treatment. Part of this money, say investigators, was used by Camilo to travel the world and pay for other personal expenses. Authorities have logged Camilo’s exits from the country in recent years to destinations including Europe, Mexico, and Panama.

Felipe Montejo, Liliana’s friend, remembers a day when his friend called him in the United States asking for a letter of recommendation for Camilo, who was interested in obtaining a visa to travel to the US. Felipe denied her request.

With time and according to the investigations, Liliana Laserna began telling people that the scientists had moved the girl to Chile in order to continue treating her until, in the second half of 2016, she found out that her daughter had died; which sunk her into a profound sadness.

From that moment on, Camilo Fidel needed another justifiable reason to continue getting money from Liliana Laserna.

During one of their her many phone calls with Felipe, Liliana tells him that Camilo Fidel was very ill due to a psychotic break that had been caused by a great pain he felt after the death of Jesseca Helene. She explained to Felipe Mntejo that Camilo Fidel would also need to start a STEM cell treatment in order to recover from his psychosis at the same institure where they had supposedly treated Jesseca Helene and where, according to what Liliana had told Felipe Montejo, a total of 10 children had died.

The intercepted phone calls paired with the statements given by the ranch workers allowed the District Attorney to establish that Camilo would regularly leave the ranch dressed in white and would ask one of the workers to have his white clothes ready for him.

The deterctives are sure that Camilo Fidel is a “liar that was permanently deceiving Liliana in order to keep her fortune.” He managed, they say, to get rid of Jesseca Helene who was her natural heir, and, with her death, they warned, the next step would be to get rid of his partner, María Liliana Laserna, just as Felipe Montejo had predicted and mentioned to Liliana’s sisters, Catalina and Dorotea Laserna, months back.

The investigators decided to act immediately and take all precautions in order to avoid an escape. The tapped phone lines of both people had revealed that there were immediate plane: a trip to Australia and a parachute jump.
What led them to action was the moment they heard a a phone call from Liliana Laserna herself to a parachuting place located on the outskirts of Bogotá.
The question that Liliana asked on the phone to the attendant on the phone illustrated the danger ahead: “and can we jump after having had a few drinks?”

The detectives had concluded that the best way to carry out the arrest would be to take advantage of the case against Liliana that the ICBF had opened in 2007 due to the alleged abuse of her daughter. At the age of 9, on November 20th, 2007, Jesseca Helene was hospitalized in ACPHES, an institution of the ICBF. The ICBF had temporarily revoked custody of her daughter due to the actions of her sister, Catalina.

With this record, the District Attorney agents disguised themselves at ICBF employees and went in saying they were there to do a final evaluation before closing the case on Jesseca Helene Laserna.

They arrives at the ranch and interrogated Liliana and her partner about the whereabouts of Jesseca Helene. Camilo Fidel showed them the death certificate of Liliana’s teenage daughter, issued in Chile; a document that ended up being fake.

A few days later they asked the couple to show up at an office to give a statement. When they requested Camilo Fidel come in for questioning, he told them that he would not be available because he would be on a business trip to Cartagena. The authorities had been following him and their operation had determined on that day, May 9th, he was not far from Liliana’s ranch in Sesquilé. They activated the arrest warrant on that same day and both Camilo Fidel and María Liliana Laserna were deprived of their liberty.

At the moment of the arrest Liliana was overweight with dirty hair and nails and stained clothes – in an overall bad state.
After the phone call that she made to Felipe López Caballer, Liliana managed to speak with one of the few friends she had left, who loaned her money to hire a lawyer and bought her some sweaters and basic care items.

Some versions of the story claim that Camilo Fidel has managed to communicate with Liliana while in jail.

One or two days after the arrest, the workers from the ranch informed that someone close to Camilo Fidel entered the house through a window and took some of his belongings including a personal computer and a few documents.
They think that this person could have been Camilo’s 15-year-old son from a previous relationship.

This minor lived with Liliana and Camilo a few years ago. A few acquaintances had even heard Liliana say that she wanted to adopted him as her son.

At the moment of the arrest the agents found five cars; three remained parked at Liliana Laserna’s hacienda and the other two luxury cars, a Jaguar and a Toyota truck, were at the place where the found Camilo Fidel: a house in the town of Chía where his Venezuelan mistress lives.

Thanks to the phone tapping, the investigators already knew that Camilo Fidel and his mistress had plans to make their relationship official in the near future. There is still one detail to be confirmed: whether or not his mistress is pregnant.

Stay tuned for the final chapter: The Only Heir.